May Roundup

Yes another month has whizzed past. Even with two bank holidays it seems that I have had hardly any time to read.

Of course that is not true and I have managed a fair few books of a variety themes and genres, but I do feel that I have not really had a good stretch of reading time.

Interestingly it was another month where I have read some books that I have not put pen to paper or finger to keyboard and reviewed.  That was the case of  Carola Dunn – The Case of the Murdered Muckraker. This was going to be the case with Dilly Court – A Place Called Home* but being rather perverse it has ended up as a review of a book that I have chosen not to review!

There may well be some more books like that coming up. One of them is certainly going to be about Winston Graham – Ross Poldark* as it is no doubt going to mention the recent tv adaptation of the novel which inspired me to read the book.

Familiarity can sometimes breed contempt but not when you read authors who you will absolutely know will give you a cracking good story. That was the case of Cath Staincliffe – Half the World Away*. This book is not out until June and I have had the privilege of being part of a blog tour for this wonderful novel. Do look out for more about it in the coming weeks on this blog.

There is always a comfort when you go back and embrace a familiar author but also not just that but familiar characters, places and humour. This was certainly the case with Gervase Phinn- Trouble at The Little Village School*. I loved this book and cannot wait to read the next two in the series, but I had to resist very hard to go on a binge and consume them. Some books need savouring.

I picked up Katie Fforde – The Rose Revived* off my bookshelf because I fancied some good old-fashioned storytelling and with a huge dollop of light heartedness in it. I was not disappointed and will treasure this novel as my copy is signed by the wonderful lady herself when I met her at a Readers Day last year.

It is pure coincidence that I even carried on with a roses theme (in fact I have only just noticed when writing this post). Rachel Lucas – Coming Up Roses* caught my eye on netgalley and I thought I would give it a go. A really sunny book and full of gardens. Most delightful.

Working my way through some of my older books on my kindle I stumbled across this one I had purchased (no doubt on a whim) Lynne Marie Hulsman – Christmas at Thornton Hall, on my kindle it just says Thornton Hall and I was not really aware I was heading into a Christmas novel in the middle of May. It appears to have been ‘renamed’ or ‘repackaged’. But I carried on as these things rarely make much of a difference and in fact it didn’t. However I am actually undecided about writing a review – I have given the book two stars it was a book which has left me feeling rather bleugh and it had such potential, perhaps that in itself warrants a post?

I am ending May and entering June reading two books – the latest from Emma Burstall and Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James. At some point I am sure I will stop being behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge!

How was your month, any books which you feel you need to review but just simply don’t want to?

*Book review yet to appear on my blog.


3 thoughts on “May Roundup

  1. You’ve done better than I have in May as I’ve been spending so much time gallivanting with Peggy from PA. The only one I’ve read on your post is the Winston Graham one, I loved them all.

  2. I haven’t read any of your May reads apart from Ross Poldark, so I’ll look forward to hearing about the others if you do decide to review them. I try to review every book I read, good or bad, but sometimes it’s a struggle to think of anything new to say.

  3. May has just flown by for me too, and I felt like it was a slow reading month but I finished my usual amount. I am pleased to see you enjoyed Trouble at The Little Village School as I have The Little Village School on my to-be-read pile. Hoping to read it soon. Happy reading in June 🙂

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