A Cornish Stranger – Liz Fenwick

Jaunty is reaching the end of her days. She has spent it tucked away from the sight living an almost reclusive life near Frenchman’s Creek. The local Cornish community are protective of Jaunty, because once she was famous. In fact her artwork still is.

Gabe, Jaunty’s granddaughter has come to nurse her and at the same time nurse her own ills. Gabe thinks that the reclusive life in this cabin tucked away may be the tonic she needs to find out more about herself.

Reunited, Gabe and Jaunty have a rather odd existence, but one that seems to work. There is trouble brewing and more so in the weather when a violent storm one night, drives Gabe from her bed and to rescue a stranger.

That stranger is Fin. Is he hiding or looking for something?

The storm is far from over, it is merely bubbling away, “….playing havoc with her equilibrium….” .

There are secrets that are being kept and as the book progresses we are taken back to another time, to another place, and as we learn about Jaunty, Gabe and in a way Fin. We come to understand the setting, the place and the atmosphere of this life in Cornwall.

What makes this book stand out for others that I have read, that use a dual narrative and secrets as part of their plot is the rich descriptive passages that Liz Fenwick gives us the reader. I was in the storm, I felt the water, I could immerse myself in the isolation of the cabin and hold onto a past life.

Clearly there is an influence from the likes of Du Maurier in her writing and other authors who have based their work in Cornwall. But that does not detract from Fenwick’s storytelling it merely enhances the enjoyment and I was transported away.

Thank you to netgalley for providing me a copy for review. 

I will be looking out for Liz Fenwick’s other novels, as I seem to be on a roll with reading about Cornwall. 

4 thoughts on “A Cornish Stranger – Liz Fenwick

  1. Cornwall is so far away from me that I rarely get there so I love to have a chance of an armchair visit via books. I must look out for this one.

  2. I’ll look out for this book – I love Cornwall, but haven’t been there for years. And I do like dual time frame books and stories with secrets to be revealed – and lovely descriptive passages too. This book sounds great.

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