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Socks need Slippers

As you may (or may not) have notice I have been on about socks. Just the sort of thing to be talking about as the weather is getting warmer and we might be thinking of getting sandals and flip-flops out.

Anyway whilst wandering around the internet and pinterest I came across this website – Joe’s Toes

I had discovered the felt slippers and thought I could perhaps make some and use up my slowly increasing felt supplies. But then I spotted some knitted ones and they just looked like fun.

Simple enough to make, so I sent off for a set of soles.


They come ready punched and on one set there were some grips.

I therefore just had to start knitting, I did try with some double knitting wool, but could see that chunky was the way forward so chunky it was.

Casting on a set amount of stitches, based on the size of the shoe in my case 12 stitches. Then counting the numbers of holes that the slipper has – simply you knit twice as many rows as holes.


Now this was in a basic garter stitch, it grew quickly and I managed to knit both in an evening. I made a slight mistake by not leaving a long enough end on the first one knitted. However, it was not a problem.

Once complete you basically sew the edge of the knitting to the sole using the holes, evenly spaced and punched, fixing it in between the ridge bit of the knitting. (Knitters will know what I mean)


Keep on going round and all of a sudden something begins to take shape. The only thing to remember is when doing the other foot, the wrapover bit needs to go the other way.

Then it is the case of fixing the soles together, I went for something contrasting rather than focusing all on red.


They are super quick to make – now should I make them for Christmas presents? And shall I practice with some cabling perhaps? Ooo so much I could do.

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