Wellies and Westies – Cressida McLaughlin

When I picked up this book, I did not realise I was getting part one of a four-part series about Primrose Terrace and it’s residents, both human and canine. I admit to being initially disappointed.

I had no fear of that. I met Cat, the main protagonist who after a rather short-lived career in a children’s nursery starts her own dog walking business (I get the irony with her being called Cat!)

She lives with her friend Polly, a student veterinary nurse and Polly’s brother Joe, who seems to have an aversion to dogs and being happy.

In her life is neighbour Elise’s Schnauzer’s, Chalky and Disco,well-known authors Jessica and her three Westies, Valentino, Coco and Dior and Terry and his Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bertha. Cat has all dogs of all sizes covered.

You could probably see where this was going to go – Cat walking all the dogs at once and getting into a complete mess. You would be right, but it is that point she meets Matt he also has a dog.

Matt is rather intriguing – but he appears to have a secret…and just like a dog, Cat seems to want to sniff out what the secret is, as Matt is so mysterious.

This book is full of likeable characters, loveable dogs and of course as the book progresses more, plot lines seem to develop for everyone one we meet in Primrose Terrace. We need to know more about Jessica’s life, I am sure Elsie has a few tales to tell as well as, Polly and what did exactly happen with Joe and his ex? And of course we need to know about Cat and Matt!

By wanting to know more, I will without a doubt be waiting for part two to be released! Catch up with it soon.

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for providing me a copy for review. 

I was not sure about starting another ‘novella’ series, but I fell into this one by accident rather than design. I know I could not read all books like this, but sometimes when you need a light fix this is when they come into their own.