Sunny Sunday Snippets

Playing – Bingo! It’s all electronic now at the bingo hall, no more dibbers! To be honest I thought it would not be as much fun, but it does a lot of it for you and also shows you when you are close to getting a line, two line, full house. Much fun and a couple of wins in our little group.

Eating – differently and it seems to be working. The numbers are going down.

Missing – Poldark. Sunday Nights are suddenly poorer. More about that soon.

Baking – within the space of the last three weeks I have baked three cakes, 2 Guinness and a new recipe for me, Blueberry and Sour Cream loaf.

Remainder of Guinness Cake


Scheduling – I have read some pretty fine books in recent weeks and you may have missed all about them. So I need to start scheduling some tweets so folk can find them again.

Feeling – slightly warmer, the windows are being left open rather than being shut at night. But the wind is still whistling.

Remembering – 70 years ago this week. VE Day and all those who lost loved ones during the whole conflict.

Voting – Thank goodness that is over. 2020 seems aeons away!

2 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday Snippets

  1. I hope your warmer weather makes its way back up here! I so agree with you about 2020.

  2. What a nice list! You always have something interesting to say. So pleased eating

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