April Roundup

Yes that was April, that was Easter, it was the start of Spring, but let us not cast a clout till May is out. I have still have my winter quilt on my bed, black opaque tights at work and more than one layer or two on. Of course all this keeping warm but being wonderfully light means more reading was done. Still ‘officially’ behind if I want to reach my target at the end of the year, but that is too far ahead to even thinking about!

Old books, new books, old authors, new authors and all sorts in between.

Mention first must go to Cath Staincliffe – Split Second for the simple reason that this has book has been languishing about on my shelf for around 3 years and it certainly should not have been. I should have been raving about this one months and months ago. What would you do? Is such an open question and I don’t think there is in fact a correct answer. Keep an eye out on this blog in the coming weeks (please excuse the advertising) as there will be more from Cath Staincliffe and her new novel, Half the World Away.

If we are sticking with crime, of course you can’t go far wrong with something simple, cosy and relatively free of descriptive cadavers and crime scenes M.C. Beaton – Agatha Raisin and the Perfect Paragon is where you need to be. It ticked a book off my list for my challenges and also was a great diversion as always. Plus I did not feel the least bit guilty for not writing a review about it. More information about my thoughts here.

Social Media Buzz is a term which has come into use and recent years, very recent years and it is somewhat exciting to think that I might have been a small, if not minute part of it for some recent novels. The Girl on the Train springs to mind. However the latest ‘buzz’ book is Renee Knight – Disclaimer. Imagine reading a book about your life. Reading a book about a secret that you thought no one knew about? Don’t imagine for too long, go and find a copy of this book!

I do love a good read, chick-lit, women’s fiction, a bit of romance whatever you want to call it, it comes in many forms and just recently I have discovered a new author (to me anyway) to get my teeth into and especially her back catalogue. In the meantime I was lucky enough to read her latest novel, Carole Matthews – The Cake Shop in the Garden. A must for all fans, and for those wanting to start out on this author a good place to start. Full of romance, warmth, humour, sadness and cake! What more could you want from a book?

Publishing books in parts has started to be popular and was how I was aware of Cathy Bramley – Ivy Lane*. I read the book as a whole and jolly glad I did, because it meant I did not have to wait to find out what happened next. I think I will have to do the same with her latest work which is also being published in four parts!

Always wanting to know what happens to characters once you have finished the books is often a much raised question if you ever get to meet any authors. The beauty being that actually once they have left the author and you have reached the final page, it is up to us to let our imaginations take on their next story. In the case of Maureen Lee – The Seven Streets of Liverpool* I went back to some characters I read about years ago. A challenge when it has been probably 15 years or more since you read about them.

Going back to familiar author you know if you pick up a Monica McInerney you are going to get a chunky read. In terms of size At Home with The Templetons* fits the bill. You will have to wait for me review in terms of anything else. This was another book which has been sat on my shelf for a while and finally made it off to be read.

Again a book bought and promptly shelved was Dinah Jeffries – The Separation*. Again another book I wish I had read straight away from buying it. The only impetus that made me read this was seeing her next novel available on netgalley. This is a book which will certainly be in my memory for a long while and tapped into my love of historical fiction.

History being my ‘thing’ well at least my degree, many moons ago. I was intrigued by the wonderfully titled Barbara Comyns – Our Spoons Came From Woolworths*. My reading of ‘old’ fiction has increased since I have been blogging, I am sure I saw this on a blog I visited and knew that I wanted to read from it, if just for the title. It was a wonderful novel and another one which I am going to pass on and say you must read.

The beauty of being on netgalley is to get the opportunity to read books before they hit the proverbial shelf. The dangerous beauty of netgalley is you can click away and request far too much. This was the case with Liz Fenwick – A Cornish Stranger*, a name I had seen around but had to yet pique an interest in me to pick up. I did and I was pleasantly surprised. A Cornish novel reminiscent of many books set in Cornwall and as I ended the month reading Poldark, I feel that I know the area rather well at the moment. Both now and in the past.

So that was April, let’s see if we can clout May out!


*Book review yet to appear on blog.


2 thoughts on “April Roundup

  1. I was back to two pairs of socks this morning, it was so cold, and the heating is back on! You’ve had a very productive reading April anyway.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed The Separation. I remember reading that Dinah Jefferies was writing another book but then I forgot all about it. I must look out for it!

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