Painting Pottery

I am probably telling you all about something of which you already know – but you can go to wonderful places and paint pottery, with absolutely no need to throw any clay around) and you don’t have to be a child to join in this fun!

The local place to me is called Artypotz and is a small concern, but full of lovely stuff to paint and inspiration. I was first introduced to this about three years ago now with some friends for an alternative night out as opposed to eating and drinking your way to oblivion.

I had an idea in my head and found a plate that I could out my idea onto. It was not bad for a first attempt, but I would certainly do things differently now.

IMG_0688I was in a purple mood (in fact I always am) so I accompanied it with a spoon rest in some rather wobbly lines as you can see! I know I would do the plate differently and when I see the right sort of plate I may well have another attempt, to make the words clearer.

IMG_0689A couple more visits, with my mum as a good way to pass an evening have ensued over the years and the results have had a varied theme and results.

IMG_0693This was in 2012 and ended up being more like a jubilee celebrations – just look at those wonky dots!

I went for something more sedate for a little bowl for my cereal in the mornings.

IMG_0691This time round when I went I spotted some rather strange-looking bowls – but I knew what they were!

IMG_0684They are of course Yarn Bowls and so I excitedly painted one for me and one for my mum. Ironically we had asked about these on one of the occasions we had been before.

IMG_0695All of course signed uniquely by me. This is the one my mum did not want she opted for the other one

IMG_0703Here it is in action…….

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a few chips on the older models! I am a bit heavy-handed with the washing up and always have been and probably always will be.

I certainly want to go again this year and might have to persuade my mum along again – but what shall I paint. Plenty to choose from if I keep chipping things!


One thought on “Painting Pottery

  1. I love your designs, so cheery. What a great idea those yarn bowls are, at the moment my yarn is encased in plastic bags to keep it clean while I knit but it’s annoying when you have to stop knitting to haul some wool out when it gets stuck.

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