Creature Comforts – Trisha Ashley

If you are acquainted with Trisha Ashley’s work then this book will not come as complete surprise to you. It has all the classic characters, plots and locations that makes her writing so familiar and wonderful to read.

However, I will note that there has been a slight change of direction in this latest release and there is more of an element of tragic mystery about it than in previous novels.

Izzy was involved in accident in 1993, but she remembers very little about it. Her peers seem to have all the answers as do the residents of Halfhidden where she lived. Even ten years later, the memory might be very hazy for Izzy but for the others involved, what happened that night is very clear.

Returning to Halfhidden, after spending time abroad and having decided that perhaps her abominable fiancé, Kieran is not the man she thought he was. She has returned to the home of an aunt, to set up her online fashion shop and deal with the eccentricity of her aunt’s dog sanctuary which has rather taken over her life, money and also the grounds of the estate where they live.

Now there is a new owner at the estate it seems that things are going to change. Will the future for Izzy mean that she will finally get some answers about her past?

Halfhidden has a community feel to it and there is very much more going on in the story than the brief plotline I have mentioned. All of it brings the reader into the centre of the community and you can easily dream away your time reading this book imagining you are part of it all as well. As always Trisha does write some wonderful characters, and Kieran was especially unctuous that it was a delight to read and dislike immensely. Add to this mix the landscape and scenery that is described in an almost Brontesque manner you can imagine walking the twisting lanes waiting for which ever ghosts or local characters are going to surprise you from behind a tree.

A rich story, with a good mystery that keeps you turning the pages and is a wonderful example of Trisha Ashley’s work.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

Creature Comforts is out now in hardback and kindle and available in paperback from 18 June 2015.

I know it is wonderful to get review books via netgalley and I admit to being a bit click happy when it comes to requesting them. But sometimes I do miss the feel of reading a physical book, this is one of those times, curling up on the sofa with an abundance of tea and biscuits is how Trisha Ashley novels should be read, you don’t get the same feeling when you read it on a kindle!

I have nearly read all of Trisha’s work but I am pleased to say another new novel is coming out towards the end of 2015 – so not long to wait until I can indulge again.