The Dish – Stella Newman

Laura is in London, trying to find her feet following her divorce and not very successfully dating anyone with a future.

After another disastrous date she bumps into Adam, in fact she bargains with him in relation to a bacon sandwich and a doughnut (my kind of girl!). In fact Adam is quite a dish in his own right.

With a spark of attraction, friendship grows to something else and Laura finds quite a lot out about Adam – in fact he is a Head Chef.

The Head Chef of the restaurant that she has just visited.

Because that is Laura’s role a restaurant critic for a magazine known as The Dish.

Surely she does not need to tell Adam? But perhaps she does if he sees her review? But it seems that Adam has some secrets of his own to hide?

This is a romantic read with girl and boy meet, fall out and get back together again. However, Stella Newman weaves this tale over more pages than I would have perhaps expected for a romantic read. It has some great interactions with her colleagues and family through emails which are there for you to read and you get a real sense of how Laura, is struggling with this dishy dilemma. She is a rounded character who you see interacting with her family and also her work colleagues, you really get a sense of the woman she is trying to be and get the life (and love) she wants.

I was not sure what Adam’s secret was going to be and I admit to being slightly disappointed. However, that did not take away from the overall story. There is plenty about food in the book and that adds to its depth and helps out when for me the story did slow down.

Perhaps a bit longer than it needed to be but a good read from an unknown author to me.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this novel. 

I do feel very lucky to have access to netgalley and the wonderful books I have been given the chance to read. However, the formatting does somewhat put me off and when this story slowed at times, it made it even more irritating. Especially when you get to the email sections of the story. All disjointed does not cope well for my OCD. 

Ironically a book I am reading at the moment on my kindle, through netgalley is not formatted as well, but that is not annoying me and I am flying through the story.