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March Roundup

March has been another month with it seems not much reading. Although the books I have read have been varied in nature and good so I cannot complain even if I am about 5 books behind ‘schedule’ to read 100 in a year. I am hoping that with a long bank holiday weekend coming up at the end of this week and then a weeks holiday four days later that I will catch up on the reading.

There seems to be a trend at the moment where I am reading one book on my kindle and then one physical book. It is not intentional, but mainly because I have got some fantastic books on my kindle thanks to netgalley and I have a miniscule bit of guilt for requesting them and not reading them!

March’s kindle reads have been all female writers; 1 new to me and 2 old favourites.

The Dish by Stella Newman* I had seen around but for whatever did not gravitate to. However, I suddenly read a bit more about the book and thought it might make a nice diversion even if at times it was a slightly longer diversion.

It seems like ages since I have read any of Nicky Pellegrino and it was 2012 to be precise. Again when I saw her newest novel up on netgalley, I thought it was a must read. If there is any pone author who is guaranteed to give you sunshine, warmth, good food and a story in the depths of winter as it turns to spring then you will not go far wrong with Summer in Venice*. The book is not actually published until May 2015 and as I have yet to hear back from the publisher I don’t want to post my review just yet.

Of course another sure-fire hit is Trisha Ashley – Creature Comforts*. I admit to be weary about this as I had read an older novel at the beginning of the year and it did not really do it for me. I blame myself because in fact this is a great book and need not worry. In fact this book introduces something that has never really featured in Trisha’s novels before…… you will have to wait until my review to find out.

Back in the physical book world I could say that I have read a book that is older than me, one that has been languishing on my shelf for rather a long  time and a brand new novel!

In reverse order I have read the latest Christopher Fowler – A Burning Man which is the twelfth outing of the wonderfully eccentric Bryant and May. My review can be found here. I was delighted to receive a proof copy of the book, as well as the finished hardback. I am not really sure what I should do with the proof copy now? However, what I am even more thrilled about is that the author himself, yes Christopher Fowler found the time to comment on my review! He likes talking to real readers. I think that is what I am. I am certainly going to look out for Christopher Fowler at any events that may be near to me in the future.

The Rose of Sebastopol – Katharine McMahon* has been on the shelf for too long. In fact it might well have moved with me some near 6 years ago? Nonetheless March was the time for me to read it, I was after some historical fiction and having read a previous novel and seen her speak on more than one occasion I thought it was about time to read the book that Richard and Judy raved about. I now know why it was such a popular read and it made me even more keen to read more of the historical fiction I have languishing on my shelves.

Agatha Christie – The Moving Finger is a television adaption I have seen more than once in both Miss Marple’s reincarnations on the screen. I had never read the book and in my life long mission to read all of her works, I decided it was time to pull the book off my mum’s shelf and read it. Delightful as they always are and another one crossed off the list.

March has seen me posting also about some books from the past that I have reviewed and have never featured much on my blog. This has stemmed from film versions I have either seen myself or have seen advertised. I think I will dig around my old amazon reviews again and see what else is out there to share.

I have also felt the urge to blog more about stuff I am doing which has been a diversion from the book posts that some people are used to. I hope you enjoy them, let me know I always like reading comments and I try to get around to as many blogs as I can to read what you have all been up to and what you have been reading!

* Book review yet to appear on blog.


3 thoughts on “March Roundup

  1. The Rose of Sebastopol has been sitting on my shelf for about six years too and I’m not sure why I still haven’t read it. Maybe I should try to get round to it sooner rather than later!

  2. I read and enjoyed The Rose of Sebastopol a few years ago – I’ve also read the Agatha Christie book. I enjoy reading your blog whether you write about books or anything else!

    Happy reading for the Bank Holiday weekend – I hope you ‘catch up’ – I know that problem only all too well!

  3. It’s always a joy to get a lovely comment from the author who’s book you just reviewed. So nice of Christopher to take time to do that 🙂

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