Some Snippets

Watching – The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Having only just seen the first one on dvd and being a great fan of Dame’s Maggie and Judi, as well as Celia Imrie et al. I wanted to see the next one – it does not disappoint.

Eating – Oat Biscuits. I have been playing with recipes in making oat biscuits without sugar or very little, and also been throwing in fruit, nuts and choc chips to make them a bit different. They have been a bit hit and miss but more hit than miss. They make for a great filling snack and hopefully avoiding all the naughtier stuff!

Reading – The Burning Man by Christopher Fowler. I wasn’t sure I was going to get it read and reviewed by the publication date and did not want to promise something I could not deliver to the publisher. However, I picked it up and was enthralled and now all I want to do is go and read all the Bryant and May books together.

Saying Goodbye – All change at the top. One Captain leaves, another one joins. The process is seamless.

Writing – all about my pottery and my socks as I inspired myself last week. Look out for the posts soon.

Sorting – it must be something to do with being spring. I started with all the book paraphernalia I have accumulated since I started receiving books from publishers. I have kept all the press releases of the ones that I have read. Could someone tell me why? And do I really need to keep them? I can’t quite at the moment seem to bring myself to throw them in the recycling bin!

As you can see I enjoyed last weeks I thought I would share some more things this week. All very different, just like life. Certainly this post has been handy in getting some of the stuff whirring about in my head out and also germinated an idea for another post!

Do pop along to see Making it Up where I got the idea of the snippets from.

One thought on “Some Snippets

  1. I love your blog for the variety. I rread, a lot; I craft, a lot; I eat, but am diabetic, and already overweight, so must try the oat cookies; and I love the comments you make about saving things that you don’t need any more. My husband would love me to do the SAMe!

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