Luxury – Jessica Ruston

We all want luxury in our lives? But how far would you go to achieve it?

Logan and Nicolo have a dream as young men. The desire for the best and for luxury. They will work to get it.

Maryanne, one young woman in love with Nicolo, but marries Logan.

Now as men the only thing between them is rivalry and revenge. Sworn enemies, we are taken to perfection and then failure. Public and private lives, business and pleasure everything that perfection and failure may touch.

This is a world where money is no object, those that want the best will do anything to get it, to prove to themselves but all their doubters as well.

But whilst money is no object it comes at a cost – life is not luxurious if you do not have anyone to love, anyone to share your dreams with.

This novel is complex as we piece together how exactly Maryanne, Logan and Nicolo’s lives come together and are slowly torn apart throughout the novel, in a very slow-paced way. It was almost if the author was showing us how everything can unravel in front of your eyes with nothing you can do to stop it.

So much is packed into this book, that to try and tell a small part of it would give too much away. Just like the Luxury island that Logan has created, I am going to let it all remain a mystery.

This is not a chick-lit genre novel which focuses on the girl who has nothing to suddenly getting everything and the man as well. This was very much a ‘blockbuster’ novel, the sort I imagine a Jackie Collins to be like. We are dealing with the top end of luxury, the rich, the famous and the infamous. The way drugs and drink seem to infiltrate this almost untouchable class. The media that are playing to suit everyones ends it made me think that perhaps luxury is just too good to be true.

I was transported to this other world and to be honest I think I enjoyed watching it from the sidelines and was rather glad that I was not a part of it. This is exactly what the book does transports you to another world and lets you dream. A guilty pleasure read worth every minute spent on it.

I picked this book up because I had heard Jessica Ruston talk about her most recent novel The Lies you Told Me back in 2013. I have yet to read that book, but I know it is somewhat different from this her debut novel. 

What is your idea of luxury; mine would contain books, chocolate, shortbread and tea and a gloriously comfy bed.