The Final Minute – Simon Kernick

Imagine waking up and realising you had amnesia?

You can remember nothing. The people around yo are telling you all about your past, so you can make sense of what is going on now.

Imagine if they were not telling you the truth? How would you know?

Matt Barron injured in a car accident is now being tended to by his sister and a nurse in a remote house in Wales. He has amnesia. Something is making Matt wary and uncomfortable. He feels trapped with snippets of memory coming back but not making any sense.

A chance to escape leads to discovering the present situation and ultimately along a road back to his past as his memory starts to return.

Ex-detective Tina Boyd, now working under the auspices of a private detective, is searching for a missing girl. A newspaper article prints a picture not just of Tina but the girl and it seems that Matt has a flashback to something related to both these women.

Tina could answer the questions Matt has. Together they try and piece together what exactly is going on in the present, what has happened in the past and potentially what is going to happen in the future.

This is thriller that I could not put down, it has all the twists, turns and red herrings that you would expect from such a novel and from what I have read by this author. And whilst some may say it is an unexceptional storyline for someone like me who tends to shy away from such novels, it was thrilling, gruesome and fascinating in equal measure. It made me question the actions of the characters, and I verged from sympathy to sheer disgust within a couple of pages of this writing, as I was swept away with the storyline.

A good thrilling read, ideal if you want to start reading the thriller genre.

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for providing me a copy of this book.

The Final Minute is out now in hardback and ebook. 

This is the second Kernick I have read which features Tina Boyd. She is a character which gets under your skin, she is not afraid of hard graft and a bit of violence if it is necessary. I need to learn more about her, so will certainly read some of Kernick’s previous novels to get more of an idea. What is great is you don’t have to read these novels in any order, they work well independently, they just have a recurring character.