Fly Away Home – Jennifer Weiner

Sylvie has discovered that her husband has had an affair. She has been his rock and support for over thirty years, everything she has done has been for him. Even giving up her career as a lawyer was for him, to look after him, be the perfect wife and mother. To be sought after to represent him if he was not available. How can he have treated her so?

Diana, wanted for nothing as a child. She is in control of her life, her work as a doctor, her child, her husband, her feelings, everything is as it should be. Nothing can be a surprise. Not until she starts an affair with someone. Now everything seems out of control, can she possibly halt this life she has walked into?

Lizzie, is trying to find peace. She is trying to find a life which does not involve drink, clearly drugs and inevitable rehab. Perhaps if she can find the right man it will be answer, but what if he has been influenced in his past by someone with a drink problem. Can he see past his own past?

Three women who are at very different points in their lives, all thrown together. Lizzie is Diana’s younger sister, temporarily looking after her small son Milo. Both are the daughters of Sylvie and their father, is an American Senator.

The whole of America is going to know what he did. The whole of America has seen them as a family. The whole of America has an opinion on them now.

Now that the family is fragmented they are all trying to find there way home.

That home seems to be in the family beach house, where first Sylvie retreats to, followed by Lizzie and then Diana. There they can just be. No makeup, no tailored clothes and most of all no judgement. Just something simple, good food, comfort, sea air and love.

The book starts fairly slowly and rather plodding in its approach and whilst it does not pick up the pace something shifts in it when the three main characters become more connected and learn a lot about themselves. It is a book which you can read, put down and have enjoyed but not one that will stay with you.