February Roundup

Blink and I think I might have missed February. I am sure it is the same every year, but this year feels even more fast, especially as I have wasted reading time by being poorly yet again. However, I am hoping a new approach, some new exercise and a shedding of many draining aspects of life and people might lead to a much more healthier and productive month for March.

What I did read in February was some good and some average books. I even had a did not finish, which sounds very bizarre thing to be posting about but it was a wonderful cathartic process. The book in question was J.K.Rowling – A Casual Vacancy. I bought the book (in hardback) when it came out and it has languished on my shelf ever since. With the prospect of a BBC adaptation, I thought it was time it was dusted off and read. I did read more of the normal 50 page rule and give up but in the end I could not and did not want to invest any more energy in the book. Therefore it is not finished and the programme not watched. Wow what a feeling!

To make up for it all, I turned to another author who was making his way with a second novel after the runaway success of his first. S.J. Watson – Second Life is very different from the first and makes you question just how many lives do we have running at the same time? I sense this book will probably be a slow one to climb the charts, but is worth a read.

Keeping the blood pumping and the heart racing without going to the gym led me to read Simon Kernick – The Final Minute*. Thrillers really are a new genre for me to be investing reading time in and I am beginning to enjoy them, even if I do wince and hold the book far away at the more gruesome elements.

It was time to get away from all the thrilling reads and indulge. What better way than with Jessica Ruston – Luxury*. I came to this book, knowing that money doesn’t buy love and happiness, and I feel desperately sorry for anyone that thinks it does. This book just shows you what money, greed and jealously can do to you.

February has been a month for reading recently released novels as well as some that have been on my shelf for a while. One of those was Jennifer Weiner – Fly Away Home*, a passable diversion but not a book that is going to stay with you.

Another booked which had been flitting about from shelf to bedside table and back again was Paula McLain – The Paris Wife* which is the last book I finished in February. It was a historical fiction read and one which I would not necessarily have thought would be interesting, however interest has been piqued and there is much more to be read about The Paris Wife, Hadley Hemingway.

So February was a lean reading month, but I was pleased to get some older books off my shelf, to still keep up to date with recent releases and enjoy reading. Even though Goodreads tell me I am 3 books behind schedule and that I have also hardly touched any of my challenge read books either!

I have ended the month with a good old-fashioned read – Agatha Christie, at least that will be one book finished in March and one of my challenges.

How was your reading in February? Anything I may have missed? What do you have lined up for March?

*Review yet to appear on blog.