A Vintage Wedding – Katie Fforde

Single mum Lindy is living in a Cotswold village near her parents and grandmother trying to bring up her two young sons the best that she can.

Beth is staying in an empty holiday let for the winter. Having dropped out of university, she really has not much to keep her there the only thing she is doing is avoiding her mother.

Rachel was a “weekender”, using her cottage in the village as a second home. Divorce has meant she can now live here permanently but can she find happiness when everything in her world is so white?

These three women are thrown together in an unlikely way through a community project, to renovate the local village hall so a wedding can be held there – for Beth’s sister. They pool their resources and skills and start to create a perfect day.

They did not bargain on a trial run of someone else’s wedding first. It will test their skills and the strength of this new friendship.

None of them bargained for love.

It seems that organising weddings can all lead to romance of your own.

Angus is renovating his own property and has returned to the area, maybe he can now forge some sort of relationship with his nephews as his brother clearly has other ideas on fatherhood.

Raff is the local ladies man, it seems. A bit of rough and always knows someone, who knows someone who can help. Will he be able to rescue a damsel in distress, when she does not even realise she was distressed in the first place?

Charlie seems the perfect man to be able to love, a real local. When Finn arrives, he is well-known and even he can sweep ladies off their feet as well. Can he pick them back up though?

This is a busy book, because the characters are so richly drawn they have plenty to occupy their time and do plenty for readers to enjoy. It is all believable, a friendship forged between three women so different that it just works so well.

I thought Beth had found her true love and I felt for her when it went wrong. I wanted to be amongst the mess of Lindy and her house to show you that anywhere can be home. Rachel found the right person to make her see the edges of life are not pristine and perfect and everyone can coexist quite well together. You became part of the village, the community, I wanted to drink tea out of the vintage china and eat cakes in the village hall. I wanted to stand at the church and watch brides enter. I wanted to go and spend an evening in the local pub, sat by the crackling fire enjoy the company. I was drawn right into this book. The plot did not go where I thought it would go, which was great, it meant that I had to keep reading.

This is a lovely romantic book without being full of unnecessary fluff and is such a concept that it could even beg a sequel.

Thank you to netgalley for providing me a copy to review. A Vintage Wedding is out in hardback and ebook today!


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