A Place to Call Home – Carole Matthews

Ayesha is trapped and she has been biding her time so she can slip away with her daughter, Sabina. She ends up in London and thinks that this is the fresh start she is going to need.

Ending up in a house belonging to a former pop star, Hayden who has turned into a recluse, with ultimate security all around. Ayesha starts to feel different. Along with the houses other residents, waifs and strays that Hayden has picked up along the way, Crystal a professional dancer, trapped in another world with so much love to give and Joy, a grumpy retired lady whose passion is the garden and making up excuses about not going to see her children and grandchildren in the Far East.

This unlikely group of people seem to all bring out the best in each other. Ayesha discovers what life can really be like with laughter, security and love for both herself as well as her daughter Sabina. What Ayesha does is somehow turn around and influence Crystal, Joy and Hayden who have appeared in her life and get them to look to the future as well.

However, Ayesha knows she is going to have to look over her shoulder because of the past she has escaped. It has affected her daughter so much that she is now mute and she cannot let her witness anything so traumatic as seeing her own mother subjected to violence. Will Ayesha ever get rid of her past?

The subject matter of this book does not make for easy reading, and so it should not. What it does give is hope. Carole Matthews shows you that you can turn your life around in only small actions as well as large ones and that it all has a positive effect.

This is what I have come to love about Carole Matthews novels, they are emotional in more than one way and they draw you in and are so heartwarming that they can always have a place in my home.

I think I am fast becoming a fan of Carole Matthews writing. I look forward to reading more of her work in the coming months. 


One thought on “A Place to Call Home – Carole Matthews

  1. I was always a fan of her books, requesting them all when they were published from the library where I used to work before I retired in 2011. I still follow her and found this one very touching and up to date. Love it.

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