Quick Reads 2015

Founded in 2006, the Quick Reads initiative was launched to help the country’s one in six adults of working age who have difficulty reading, as well as the one in three adults who do not read for pleasure.  Through demonstrating that books and reading can be for everyone, Quick Reads has now distributed over 4.3million books to libraries, workplaces, hospitals, schools, parents, family groups and even prisons, where literacy continues to be significantly low.

2015 will see another bumper crop of well known and much loved writing talent join the Quick Reads authors before them.  This year’s participating authors are Roddy Doyle, Jojo Moyes, Sophie Hannah, Fanny Blake, Adèle Geras and James Bowen.  Between them, their Quick Reads titles cover a range of different themes from a holiday romance to a true story based on a homeless man and his cat.

I was lucky enough to receive some of the Quick Reads books in 2013 and wanted to get on board with the idea again in 2015.

The reason being that my father is one of these people who has difficulty reading and also does not read very much for pleasure because of it. Quick Reads is perfect for him. I know he tells people all about the reading that I do and I know he feels sometimes he is missing out – he tends to go for autobiographies which is fine, but sometimes he knows he needs to challenge himself.


So the books have gone to my dad, they are residing by his bed within ten minutes of me arriving. The chocolate well that somehow got lost………….

Hopefully I will read a couple of these books and write about them.

Find more about Quick Reads here. This years books are available from today.

And if you have arrived at this blog through a link and perhaps not sure of what books you could now be reading, don’t be scared spend some time nosing around, you may find another book to read that you thought you would never pick up.

3 thoughts on “Quick Reads 2015

  1. I love Quick Reads books. They’re great for people who want to get back into reading or have difficulties with reading. A wonderful idea 🙂

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