Royal Flush – Rhys Bowen

It is 1932, August and London is in the midst of a heat wave. Anyone who is anyone will have decamped somewhere for the summer and therefore Georgie’s work at cleaning ‘posh houses’ has taken a bit of a dip.

She hits upon the idea after a night out with a friend that she could be a companion for lonely people at dinner. Her advert as an companion in The Times, stirs rather an interest, however Georgie’s innocence means she has no idea how she has got herself into a particular situation.

In steps Darcy to the rescue. Of course there could well be a scandal as Georgie is in fact related to the Royal Family and thirty-fourth in line to the throne. The only thing is for Georgie to get out of London and head for her ancestral home and the wilds of Scotland – Castle Rannoch. Not ideally enthralled by the idea Georgie has her hand forced by Scotland Yard as they are aware that Castle Rannoch is very close to Balmoral and perhaps she may be of some use in seeing what is going on with a certain American woman.

Taking the train Georgie braces herself for her sister-in-law who it turns out is quite grateful to see her as she has a house full of people, courtesy of the King and they are eating and drinking at their expense and Binky, Georgie’s brother cannot help in any of the entertaining, shooting parties and the ilk as  he is kept to his bed after an accident. Georgie thinks the accident mighty strange.

But it seems many of the guests are strange and when other odd events keep happening, it seems that someone is out to get to the throne. But for what reason?

Building on a series of books you have recurring characters, as such Georgie’s friend Belinda, back behaving rather racily for a lady of that time, there is of course Darcy who seems to be around at the most inopportune moments as well as the opportune ones. Georgie’s down to earth grandfather is here to keep her feet firmly on the ground and it is the first time we actually get to see Georgie’s mother. It is obviously all setting the scene for future novels.

This is a cosy, curl up and read mystery, indulge in the fantasy that the thirty-fourth in line to throne really did these things (I am sure they didn’t) although the references hints about that American Woman and the mystery behind the Duke of Clarence is obviously based in some fact and research. However don’t take these things as accurate, much liberty will have been taken. A book combining the beauty of history and murder without pages awash with bodies and blood.

This was the book I chose to end my 2014 reading. I had forgotten what a joy they were it being nearly three years since I had read one. Endeavouring now in 2015 to get some more the series read. 


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