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January Roundup

Yes so we have had January 2015. Was it different to any other January – I am sure not. I hit the ground running at work, having been hampered by a rat chewing through a fibre cable and been without a computer for over 10 days – I actually thought at one point I was going to be found under piles of paperwork not been completed because of said rat. They got it fixed far quicker than they (and I) thought. Add into the mix another cold, sinusitis and a chesty cough and January was pretty much the same as December.

What has been different looking back on January’s reading is I have read more than I normally do in a January. So what have I been indulging in?

When it’s dark and the weather is rather grim, you need brightness in your life and that comes in the form of being able to read the new Katie Fforde – A Vintage Wedding* (out in February). Nothing warms you more than talk of weddings and romance.

And another place to guarantee such warmth is in a Trisha Ashley novel – this one Every Woman for Herself* was a bit disappointing for me, but nonetheless it was a pleasant diversion. A more recent place to guarantee a good old-fashioned read is with Carole Matthews – A Place Called Home* this was not perhaps as fluffy as you may think but it drew strength from some wonderful places and made it an emotional read.

I was introduced to Rosie Goodwin, through the lovely publishers who sent me one of her books for review sometimes last year (I think). I had forgotten how much I love a good historical saga. The sort that made Catherine Cookson famous, the sort you can just while away pages and hours as you get so involved in what is going on. Her latest novel The Mill Girl* was like going back to my childhood when I ventured from children’s books to more adult type novels. It was this genre that I devoured weekly. I could easily do that again!

When in doubt what to read and you can’t face the choice on the shelf I tend to go to something I know in this case M.C. Beaton – Agatha Raisin and the Deadly Dance. It is also from reading this book and pondering where my reading and blogging is taking me that I made the decision not to review it. You can read all about it here. I suddenly feel like I have been let free.

The reason for my decision above, is from reading a review of Sara Sheridan – England Expects*. These are great novels and are forming a series, set in Fifties Britain (for a change) they make a murder mystery as much historical as thrilling.

Thrillers are not normally my book of choice, but when you start to hear a lot of one particular book and get the opportunity to read it, it is partly to see what all the fuss is about! And the fuss for Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train is all worth it. This book is going to be the one so many people are talking about for months to come.

Thanks to lots of lovely publishers I have been able to experience some rather moving reads and the debut novel James Hannah – The A-Z of You and Me* is one of those books. It is moving, thought provoking and written and constructed so differently. Do look out for my review.

As the month comes to an end, I picked up J.K. Rowling – The Casual Vacancy, it has sat on my shelf for a while to be read and as the television adaption is due on our screens soon, I was intrigued. I still am, the book is rather indescribable at the moment.

How was your January?

*Book review yet to appear on blog.


2 thoughts on “January Roundup

  1. It has been a good start for me to the year reading-wise. I was pleased to get around to Moby Dick at last and also read my first book by Bill Bryson, I must have been just about the last person in the western world to do that!

  2. In this dark and grim weather I have been tucking myself in bed to read more and managed to finish 6 and start 3 other books which is good for me. I hope you’re feeling better now. Happy reading in February 🙂

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