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Lunch with Lucinda

I have been reading books for as long as I can remember and I often thought growing up, it would have been amazing to meet Enid Blyton. Of course I knew that would have been impossible as this was the early eighties and she had died some years earlier. It became a dream, a fantasy just like the books she wrote which I devoured despite their age. As I progressed to Roald Dahl, I was intrigued by the man behind the stories. I have vivid memories of reading Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magaorian and wondered if I had ever seen her in the street as she came from Portsmouth, my home city.

As time goes on I moved to varying different authors but I had not given much thought to meeting any, they did not really mix in the circles that I mixed in. Then I came to book blogging. I thought I felt honoured to receive books earlier than publishing date on the basis of a providing with review.  As all this developed I read about reading festivals, book author events and I was hooked and was getting to meet people, whose books I had read, devoured in some cases and it brought the whole experience slightly more alive for me.

Therefore attending reading events, where I could hear these people talk is a joy and pleasure. Even if you have never read anything by the author before, it is still gives you an insight into another world and sort of makes it all that more human and real.

Where am I going with this, well the next level. From reading event to being able to have lunch with a favourite author of mine – Lucinda Riley.

Back in September 2014, I was invited to a special bloggers lunch with Lucinda, her husband, daughter and some lovely ladies from PanMacmillian along with some other special bloggers to share The Seven Sisters launch, get some background on the book and of course able to talk to Lucinda. How thrilling and how exciting, you have no idea how pleased I was. I tootled off on the train to London, made it to the pub and got to enjoy a very pleasant time and met some wonderful people.

Here we all are.

Lucinda and The Bloggers!
Lucinda and The Bloggers!

Looking at the picture from left to right there is Victoria, who won a competition for the lunch and is in fact the only non blogger amongst us (I hope that we all encouraged you). Then we have Jo who blogs at The Reading Project. Then there is me and you know where I blog because you are here!. I am making sure the lovely Susan from The Book Trail does not run away and we all featured in the photo! Lucinda is then next. Jax who blogs at Making it Up not just about books but many many things. Finally there is Sharon who blogs at Shazs Book Blog. So there is our eclectic mix of wonderful ladies. Catching up on everyone’s blogs later make you realise how much of a different approach we have all had to blogging as well our reading.

We had come far and wide for this lunch. The food was yummy, the company was better. It really inspired me to keep reading, keep blogging and the fact that I got to share and talk about day to day stuff with Lucinda was just like catching up with friends. Of course it was very interesting to get insight into the new book and also the writing process as well. And having now read it of course I appreciate all of it a bit more, so much so and for the fact of the story I am going to have to back and reread the book this year!

Me and Lucinda
Me and Lucinda

It has taken me a while to get round to writing this, because actually it felt like a secret that I did not want to share with anyone, and keep it all mine. I was thrilled to meet Lucinda – can you tell!

You can read all about The Seven Sisters here and if you want to know more about any of Lucinda’s work then go here.