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A Challenging 2015

So what can I do different in 2015 in terms of reading. I am always so tempted by lots of challenges that I see on various blogs I read but I know I have to do challenges on my own terms.

So my 2014 challenges were:

Read 100 books – well I did it, but only just. Despite this, I am going to set it at 100 for 2015. 

Review 100 books – as of this post I am a bit behind. I had spent some of the year on top of the reviews and then let them slide. I had started making notes on the books as I had finished them to help with reviews but I let that slide too. Maintain this in 2015 and keep notes when I can to aid the reviews. 

Series Challenge – 3 Authors, 3 Books. 3 of the Agatha Raisin done but only 2 each of the Carola Dunn and Debbie Macomber. Not too bad really. I carry this challenge across to 2015 but I am adding in another author Rhys Bowen. 

Read 3 of – Agatha Christie & P.G. Wodehouse. 2 of Christie and 1 of Wodehouse is not great. I put this down to many other books to read. I only take across 3 Agatha Christie across which will help with my overall reading of Agatha Christie work. Interestingly enough it has been my Agatha Christie posts which have had the most reviews in the last 12 months. 

Random Reads – 9 out of 12. Not bad for a first attempt at my own challenge. I am bringing back Random Reads for a second year.

I had a real cull of all the books I had hanging around, both ones that I have bought but also those kindly sent to me by publishers. Once that was done and some 20+ books have gone on a new journey I knew I was ready to select the random reads. It is a good way of getting books that have been sat on the shelf for ages and get them read.

This time I have added in books on my kindle that I have purchased, not those that come from netgalley, so I can get some of those ticked off to!

I ran the 138 numbers through a random generator and got these:

Here are your random numbers:

103	87
83	23
10	74
104	91
78	119
59	107

Timestamp: 2015-01-02 13:23:36 UTC

You can see which books these correspond to on my 2015 challenges tab at the top of the page.  It is a real good mix and I look forward to reading them.

So whilst I probably won’t join in with the many challenges out there, I will join in some of the reading weeks that I have previously enjoyed – Mary Stewart and Margaret Kennedy were the two I participated in 2014, so will be looking out for those and perhaps some others in 2015.

Of course, I have no real need to buy any books this year, but of course that won’t happen when something tempts my fancy.

I know I need to not be so trigger happy when it comes to requesting review books through netgalley but sometimes, it is like being a chocolate shop – your eyes are bigger than your belly!

Thank you to all my readers and commenters – Happy Reading in 2015!