The Dating Game – Susan Buchanan

This is perhaps a book about todays society, about todays women in it and how love is perhaps not an easy thing to find.

Gill has not been very lucky in love, but she has channeled her excess energy into creating a recruitment agency and has been single-handedly running it for many months. However, she is becoming wistful and now needs something else in her life. She wants to have that wonderful feeling of being in love.

She needs to get back into the dating game.

Set in Glasgow, Gill joins a dating agency and through that she gets to meet a succession of potential candidates, some are suited, some are not but they all had to the colourful tale that Susan Buchanan has woven in this story.

Gill is a ‘real’ character, she has not been made into a stereotype which sometimes infuriates me in these type of novels. You can relate to Gill. You feel for her as she has some rather hilarious moments and  you can sympathise when perhaps she needs to tell some of the more keen candidates that it is just not working.

Anton arrives right at the start of Gill’s dating game and it seems that her search may not be as difficult as she thought. Anton is someone quite different. Then in a twist of fate she meets another man not through the agency, Liam who captures her heart. From nothing to being able to pick and choose, it seems that Gill is going to find the dating game difficult to finish.

What will happen and who will she choose? It keeps you reading to the end and certainly was not the choice I would have made, but then that is what keeps this novel real and not some fluffy piece of literature to pass the time.

The second Susan Buchanan novel I have read and enjoyed and rather a refreshing women’s fiction read.