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December Roundup

Yes another month of reading done, in fact another year of reading as well! I thought I would have read loads more in December, mainly because I have time off work but for about two weeks plus I have had the lurgy and simply cannot shift it. Coupled with an immense amount of work to get done before I finished for two weeks. Most things have taken a bit of a back seat, including reading, crafts, exercise and dieting. Four things I need to do to keep me sane. Funny how you know these things but still let them go.

I have just made the 100 which was my target for the year, but more about the years books in coming posts. This is all about December.

I started the month finishing a book for my 2014 challenge (more about that in another post) Patrick Gale – A Perfectly Good Man*. It was thanks to this author and the Richard and Judy book club, that I got back into some serious reading when I picked up Notes from an Exhibition. There is something very different about his work and I cannot quite put my finger on what – needless to say all that I have read so far has been good.

It being December, more Christmas reads were obviously called for. I have read quite a lot (for me) this year. I was back shopping with Alexandra Brown – Christmas at Carrington’s. Whilst not as strong as her first one, I am hoping that the third in this series will pick up and hold my attention a bit more.

The nearest I got to reading A Christmas Carol this year was reading Fern Britton – A Cornish Carol, which in took me back to some well-loved characters that I have come to enjoy reading about with Fern Britton.

Last year I read Susan Buchanan’s Christmas themed novel, because I enjoyed the writing so much I thought I would give another one of hers a go – it took me a year but finally I have read The Dating Game*. A refreshing change to have a main female character not fitting some stereotype – just an ordinary woman, like me!

Jill Mansell is another author who is well-known for her women’s fiction. I was lucky enough to read her latest novel Three Things About You* (out in Jan 2015) and it moved me to tears, handling subjects which I have never read before and somehow making it so heartfelt and believable that it never came across as false and contrite.

I have read very little crime and thriller-esque type novels for a few months now, not sure what. Probably because my brain could not cope with such. However I picked up Liane Moriarty – The Husband’s Secret as it had been languishing on my shelf for so long, it was crying out to be read. Bought at the height of its popularity it is inevitable I never read them then but wait. It could have been light and fluffy, despite its subject. It was anything but.

Way back in 2012, I saw Morgan McCarthy at an author event. I eventually got to her first novel The Other Half of Me last year. So in 2014 I decided to read her third novel, because it had been kindly sent to me for review. Strange Girls Ordinary Women* is her latest. Intriguing read, I am still pondering how to review it.

When you know that you only have a few days to read two books so you can complete a challenge, it was tempting to read two short stories and feel smug. However, I chose to go to two authors and know that I would thoroughly enjoy their books. Veronica Henry – Marriage and Other Games* was an excellent read and was a book which drew me into the plot, characters and setting and the fact that it also featured a bit of Christmas was a bonus for this time of year.

It is three years since I picked up and read a Rhys Bowen and the series I have embarked on is the ‘Her Royal Spyness’ mysteries and I had book three on the shelf waiting to be read. So I indulged some fantasy about the thirty-fourth in line to the throne and caught up with Lady Georgiana in Royal Flush*. And because it has been awhile, it seems I have lots to catch up on. In fact I might have to make this one of my challenges for 2015.

I am now at the cusp of the new year with the indulgent choice of a new book to read! The options are limitless.

*Review yet to appear on blog.


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