The Husband’s Secret – Liane Moriarty

Three Women.

Three Mothers.

Three Secrets.

One has everything, perfect husband, three perfect daughters, perfect family. Community minded, the sort of woman who volunteers for school activities, fundraising and can still hold down a job with a good income. She knows everything about everyone – but is there a secret more closer to home that is about to change her life.

One has a small perfect unit, a husband, a small son. There are no cracks in this marriage, in fact they even work together successfully. But a secret is about to crack, loudly through this family.

One mother has tragically lost her daughter and her killer has never been found, her husband never recovered from the tragedy and now it looks like she is about to lose her only grandson. She is the women everyone crosses the street to avoid because they don’t know what to say. She knows who committed murder but will anyone listen?

This is not a light fluffy story, but one with substance and depth. It makes you question your own morals and put yourself in their ever changing situations and ask – would I do the same? No one can possibly answer that question and no one answer would ever be the same. The plot draws you in and whilst I could see some of the paths the author was taking us down, I was completely surprised by the justice that was dispensed and the manner in which it was done.  Guilt hangs heavy over all of the main characters and it is how they overcome with it or park and deal it that takes us the reader through the whole story.

An epilogue perhaps answers some questions, but actually it leaves you wondering if any of their lives are ever going to be the same.

This is the first book I have read by this author and I will certainly look out for more of her work in the future. It was a compelling read and I wanted to know what happened, a page turner which is a good length at around 400 pages and did not for me have any weak points which made me want to give up the book.

I had seen this book around for a while, it was popping up everywhere and seemed to be the book to be reading. As is the normal case with this sort of thing, I generally buy the book and then come to it week, even months later. I had no idea the book was based in Australia, the author’s home country. But actually the place is not important, what is important is that that three women and he supplementary characters could be in a village, town, city near you.


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