A Cornish Carol – Fern Britton

Fern Britton has introduced us to the place of Pendruggan on the Cornish coast in earlier books and she has picked up the place and the characters that we got to know and brought us a Christmas story. Of course this is to whet our appetites for her next novel due out next year and to fit in with the festive period. But despite my cynicism I did want to read it, because I actually think that Fern Britton’s writing is improving and her books are very readable.

In Pendruggan, it seems that Christmas is not going to a happy time for Piran Ambrose. He  has turned into Scrooge and has no intention of being festive and certainly will not be joining in any of the celebrations in the village. Who wants to see amateur panto productions and have screeching children singing carols at your door. Certainly not Piran, but he is in the minority.

His grumpiness drives away his new found love, who wants to celebrate a family Christmas with her son and his child. Even the local vicar Simon is fed up with his bad temper and puts it to him straight and makes him see what life might be like if he continues ad infinitum.

A touch of the Dickens’ Christmas Carol,  with memories of the past, the present and what might be happening in the future.

A diverting read and short enough to enjoy whilst you are enjoying your own Christmas.

Another short story I have read this year and another Christmas one too! A pleasant diversion and I do enjoy Fern Britton’s novels and it won’t be long before her output matches that of Katie Fforde, Carole Matthews and Trisha Ashley. Her novels are perfect for fans of these authors.


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