And breathe out….

I made it, I got to the end. I did at one point think I was going to meet myself coming the other way.

I now have two weeks off work, apart from a slight diversion of a few Christmas Decorations to be dismantled and a staff Christmas lunch come while Monday. That is me done!

What lies ahead?

Reading and Sleeping a plenty.

Swimming and exercise a  plenty.

Friends, Family and food a plenty.

All of it a plenty and in varying different orders for whatever fits the day!

I have a few more presents to wrap – whoever invented glittery wrapping paper is the devil – the carpet is covered in the blinking stuff. I have a few ends to sew into a pair of gloves, which I need to do before the wrapping stage, but I can confidently say I am pretty much done.

Of course as the end of the year approaches, it is time to reflect and I hope now that I have got time, I will be able to finish those reviews that have been hanging around. Tell you all about who I met and saw author wise during the year. I have some ideas I want to explore.  I want to have a good sort out of books and will no doubt need to update my goodreads and think about challenges for the year ahead. My book club is on a bit of a festive break, it needs to be reinvigorated for next year, if other members want.

I need to clear up some of the craft stuff that as emanated from the basket by my settee and is slowing spilling out onto the carpet and beyond! It’s my house, its clean and reasonably tidy and it is my stuff, so I should probably stress a little less. It will always be there tomorrow….. Although working on a Christmas decoration in January might be a bit much – that is one aim for this weekend.


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