A Place for Us (Part 4)- Harriet Evans

And so it has come to the final part of this story. The book continues in the vein of alternating between all the characters and telling their side of the story as they go. It is coming up for a year since the invitation was extended to the Winter family to that now infamous party. Now they are due to all gather again, with a few empty places at the table but no longer with some of the empty hearts and lives they had.

In this end of the story, all the loose ends are brought together And we see something of the beginning of the future for Florence, for Kat both who have avoided Winterfold in the past due to tragedies, but now it seems the place is calling them back and it can now be a place of happiness.

Interestingly we see how Martha and David came to meet, to be together and to create Winterfold, perhaps then do begin to understand the actions of their future, which we have seen through their children and grandchildren. As you read on, I still feel there are some secrets to be told. Not everyone knows the whole and true story, that no doubt will go with Martha to her grave.

Reflecting back on reading this novel in a four-part serialisation I now wonder whether I have missed some of the impact that reading the book as a whole would give. I have enjoyed it, but would probably not want all books to be like this.

Thank you to netgalley for the final part of this serialisation.

A Place for Us is published as a full novel in paperback 15 January 2015.

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