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Have you met?

Having just read The Ladies of Lyndon by Margaret Kennedy and the fact that the phenomenon that is Downton Abbey is back on our screens and I do love a big house in a story, I thought it was about time to introduce you to three ladies!

Of course these ladies are designed by someone else but they were created by me over a period of time. (I first had the idea in May 2013!)

In a big house you need to keep everything clean. I am not talking about the really dirty jobs, you probably have a daily in for that, but you need a maid for the more finer things. Of course she has to be dressed in uniform and have the correct underwear on and of course have shoes on….

IMG_0204Obviously all hair has to be kept up and the length of skirt must be appropriate.


Even though you have a uniform, you must keep it tidy, what better way than with an apron….


Of course it must be tied neatly at the back!


You certainly cannot go around without anything appropriate on your head and it must be tied on securely.


Then there is the final inspection


Of course this lady cannot possibly do all the work so they have employed a daily to come and ‘do’. Her standards still have to be maintained though with the correct colour underwear and something over her hair.


Matching skirt is ideal and you can have a pocket to keep your duster in and always to hand and you can show some of your hair providing it is kept swept up in a curler or two


Of course arms and hands will help with the dusting


And then when you are set you are ready to dust…..


Now of course we need to be doing all this cleaning and ‘maiding’ for someone, probably the lady of the house really. And she can wear whatever colours takes her fancy, but I feel this lady likes purple…

IMG_0478Matching skirt and perfectly coiffure hair.


A contrasting colour for the cape and of course a rather brightly coloured hat


And when you have money you can afford to have flowers in your hat!


And so here are three ladies. They don’t have names, although in the Jean Greenhowe knitting pattern book they are from, she has named them.

It was never my intention to actually write these posts, the story behind the photos is I take pictures as I am going along so my mum can see what I am doing. The wonders of the iPad means instantly she can see what I have made. So the photos end up telling a story of how they all evolved. The same is happening now with the Cowboy I am knitting, perhaps he might be coming to a ranch near you soon?

There was no other reason for knitting them other than to challenge myself and enjoy a hobby. So now what do I do with them?