A Place For Us (Part 3) – Harriet Evans

So part two ended with more than one cliffhanger, that as a reader you just wanted to keep turning the page to find out more. But patience means you had to wait for part 3. Then as you being to immerse yourself in the story it does not solve the mysteries immediately in fact Harriet Evans very cleverly by not referring to them until a few chapters in.

We are taken back to Martha and David’s earlier years before they came to Winterfold, before the children, before everything happened.

If you think by now we know the whole story then as a reader you are mistaken. You may well have guessed some elements which I did, but my reasoning behind these choices was very wrong. There is more to come and part three is going to show us.

Whereas everyone was coming from far and wide to gather in Winterfold, this part sees them all flee. They are trying to get away and make sense of all that has recently happened and the discoveries of the past.  I think fundamentally they are trying to find themselves without that they cannot understand what has gone on in their family home.

All the elements remain from the beginning of the story, chapters are told from the each of the characters and you still get to see the whole picture. The tension is still building and whilst you have to remember what has come before, the real desire is to what is going to happen next. There are still secrets to be told and resolutions to make and I am wondering how this is going to happen in part four.

I am enjoying this experience of the serialisation of a novel. But now I am desperate to know what happens and if I was reading this as whole novel, I know I would not be able to put it down!

Thank you to the publisher for the first part and then allowing me the privilege of the second and third part via netgalley.