A Piece of Cake – Trisha Ashley

You can probably review this very short story in one or two sentences. Many other reviewers before me have done so.

Kate a Wedding Cake maker is asked to make the cake for best friend, Laura who is marrying a well known footballer. Trouble is the best man another footballer seems to have the misfortune to be in the way of the cake. At a previous encounter with Kate and her cakes, he was right in the centre of it.  All Laura wants is to bring two people together, it seems Kate has other ideas.

The story is a good indication of the type of writing that Trisha Ashley is known for. However short the story, this exclusive on kindle is really about teasing you with quite a few pages from her new novel out in 2015. I for one, dislike the first chapter or chapters at the end of books and never read them, especially when you have to wait so long before you actually get to read the whole thing. It is like being given a chocolate bar, allowed to unwrap it and then told you cannot eat it!

I am sure those who buy these exclusives do so because they are fans of the author and therefore would buy the new book anyway, regardless of a few teaser chapters. I feel it is all a bit of a con. I am more than happy to read short stories by some of my favourite authors but I feel in this case I have been conned out of 99p.