Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House – M.C.Beaton

“Agatha in the past had had a way of unearthing things by simply blundering about.” And in this 14th novel she is still doing it.

Apparently there is a house that is haunted, trouble is the owner and occupier of the house is not at all liked with anyone locally. They have all seemed to have run ins with her and even her children are not overly enamoured.

Agatha bored and with her head turned by yet another new neighbour Paul Chatterton she sets off to find out a bit more. Of course we end up with dead bodies and the police taking a particular dislike to Agatha yet again, blundering about but someone has specifically asked for Agatha to look into it, which gives her an idea?

All the old favourite characters are here, Mrs Bloxby the Vicar’s wife who I am now convinced is slightly envious of the exploits that Agatha gets up to. Bill Wong’s love life is still not got any better and I cannot ever see it doing so. Sir Charles Fraith, reappears it seems to help Agatha get everything sorted. Trouble is Sir Charles brings trouble along the way as he lets other people assume including Paul Chatterton that there is more going on with Agatha than is true. This amusing diversion seems to have not lost any impact in the books at this point in the series.

As always Agatha is struggling with being Agatha. She so desperately wants to be loved but just sees herself as a “stuffy middle-aged woman” and probably until she changes that outlook nothing is going to go right for her. By the end of this novel, she has a new outlook and perhaps as the series progresses life will change……

Apparently according to one review on Amazon there is some continuity issues with this book. If there are, they have simply passed me by. And to be frank, I am not overly bothered as I find this is the sort of reading that is not critical if characters and previous plot lines going a bit askew. Even as I write this review I cannot begin to tell you who even “dunnit” and I think that is why I enjoy reading them, this is pure escapism. Bliss! I intend to continue with this series.

Book 25 is due to be released this year. So I still have a few to catch up on.