The Lemon Grove – Helen Walsh

This is the epitome of a summer read – a sizzling summer read. Although that is not a prerequisite of when you read this novel.

Jenn and Greg are on the island of Mallorca. This is their annual holiday, they have been year after year and have built up memories of the place they have shared together and also with Greg’s daughter Emma. This year is going to be different though, Emma is bringing her boyfriend, Nathan.

This is the holiday that is going to change the dynamic of the three of them forever.

The weather is hot, the temperature in the air and between all four of the characters is somewhere just below boiling point. Greg is uncomfortable with his 15 year old daughter and her 17 year old boyfriend. Jenn has assured hin that it will be alright. But then Jenn had only ever seen Nathan, at a distance in the back seat of a car but now he is in front of her….

“…wearing a pair of plain blue swimming shorts, otherwise, he is naked before her. He is muscular, but graceful with it, balletic. He is shockingly pretty……”

The temperature of the book rises yet again. The actions of the characters seem to be reckless. They are on holiday of course when everything seems to merge into a haze. The beauty of bodies and the beauty if the landscape are intoxicating for Jenn, in fact for all of them. You cannot help notice, everything around you in this place.

Helen Walsh has created a novel which has you turning the page in trepidation and disbelief as well as in the deep desire to experience the warmth on your skin and the pleasure of being away from it all. All a combination of such desires and emotions.

The ending was not as anticipated  and if you are looking for such a neatly wrapped ending then you will be disappointed, as the holiday draws to a close, real life beckons and in rather starker terms for them all. However, the holiday will never be forgotten and could like returning to those favourite places always be simmering away underneath the surface.

Worth a read, if only to give an opinion on a book which I can see is dividing its readers.

I coveted this book for a while, because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I am glad I did, I have heard rumblings of something akin to Fifty Shades of Grey (will that book never go away? ) and wanted to make my own mind up. 

And that is the only thing you can do with this book, if you look at the reviews they are so right across the board, not 5 stars or 1 star on Amazon is forging ahead. It is a book which is quite clearly dividing opinion – and I think that is great! 

I thought this was the first novel from Helen Walsh, but there have been some before. Anyone read any and if so would you recommend.