Summer Evenings at the Seafront Hotel – Vanessa Greene

This is an exclusive short story by up and coming author Vanessa Greene only available on kindle. It tells the story of Cally who once dreamt about being a midwife, but cut short her training to come home to look after her dad and gets a job as a receptionist in a seafront hotel.

She makes friends with one of the chambermaids, Liliana and also catches the eye of the head chef Anton. Perhaps her life might be going to change. Cally has caught someone else’s eye as well and along with the rather annoying guests the two friends meet in one of the hotel rooms to catch up on the gossip. That is until Cally looks to become the gossip herself.

If you want a taste of Vanessa Greene’s writing then this is a good way to start. It is a relatively short story, less than 60 pages but it gets across everything in that time and gives you a warm fluffy feeling. Which sometimes all you need from a book!

It looks like I am on a bit of a Vanessa Greene binge at the moment and I suppose you could say I am. I so enjoyed her début novel, the short story follow-up and this that I cannot wait until October 9th when her new novel The Seafront Tea Rooms is published. Earlier on kindle, but I think I want an actual book!