Tuesday’s at the Teacup Club – Vanessa Greene

You know how it is you get to the end of a book and you want it to carry on, because for a little bit longer you want to be swept up in the lives of the characters that you have grown to love.

Here in this short story, Vanessa Greene carries on the story of Jenny, Maggie and Alison who we first met in The Vintage Teacup Club.

Jenny’s happily married and it seems her career is about to launch her into another world, but things closer to home might need some attention first.

Maggie has put her past well and truly behind her and is embracing her future in a way she never thought would be possible.

Alison has things on a more even keel and it looks like her dream of being involved in a tea shop with space for her crafts is about to finally come true.

It’s short and sweet and in some ways it is an epilogue to the epilogue of the book but it just let me escape for that little bit longer and share the friendship between these characters.

I reviewed The Vintage Teacup Club here and it was a book I really enjoyed and I did not want it to end, which is why as I say in my review, I turned the last page and promptly picked up my kindle and read this. I wanted to know more about the characters lives but I realise that at some point the author must have to let go of them and leave them to our imaginations as to how it all worked out for them and what happened next.

And that is the beauty of reading and why I love it so much, the stories can stay with you for very differing reasons and they carry on and on and on…..

I have enjoyed Vanessa Greene’s writing so I have downloaded another short story to read.