The Vintage Teacup Club – Vanessa Greene

Have you ever been to a car boot or the like and gone to reach for an item only to find out that someone else has reached for that item at the same time?  What would normally ensue is a bit of embarrassed apologising and probably no one ends up with the item.

Vanessa Greene has taken this idea but actually turned it on its head and everyone that wanted the tea set, gets to share it. In fact everyone becomes friends.

The everyone is Jenny who wants the tea set for her wedding reception. Maggie is a florist and organising flowers for a big wedding where there is an Alice in Wonderland theme and the bride has the idea of wanting the guests to be served from a traditional tea set. Alison wants them for her crafts she makes and sells, making the tea cups into candle holders.

They decide to share the tea set, they know that they can all use it and benefit from its purpose and at the same time make some lifelong friends along the way.

We know nothing of these three women, who are all so different but as the story unfolds we start to really learn about them as Jenny, Maggie and Alison learn about each other as their friendship develops and deepens.

Jenny is embarking on married life and is excited by the prospect but someone else wants to make themselves part of her future and Jenny does not seem ready to do this. Maggie is hiding from her failed marriage, but the past has a funny way of creeping slowly back into your life. Alison is happily married, it seems from the outside, but there are tensions within the family home and it looks like everything is going to be lost.

I was immediately drawn to all of the characters and as each chapter alternated between them in being the protagonist of their own story we were never left wondering what was happening to the other two as they were all beautifully integrated within. A book that draws on the strength of friendship and how anything can be shared over a nice cup of tea. If it is in a vintage tea set then even better. It was nice to read a novel which was more about friendship between the characters about how all their life’s experiences are share and how women especially can grown stronger from such friendships.

A book which if you have that friendship already you will need to share it with all of your friends.

This was what I was looking for in a comfort read book that reminded me that despite what life throws at you, it can all be solved or at least discussed with friends and a cup of tea.

I enjoyed the novel and wanted to keep reading about the characters because I felt there was so much more to their story, which was when I was delighted to find that Vanessa Greene had written a short story (digital only) and I was allowed to find out more about Jenny, Maggie and Alison.

Right after I finished the last page of the book, I switched on my kindle…….