Variety Knitting

I love variegated wool. It draws the eye somehow. It can make something simple look spectacular all by the colours.

I have used it for lots of things on the last few years, but one of the things I have made is the Clapotis shawl. This pattern raised an eyebrow or too as you have to drop the stitches and both my mum and Nan were aghast at such things. Before spending a lot of money on especial wool which is recommended for the pattern, what better way to start with some double knitting and variegated wool.

Double Knitting - Practice
Double Knitting – Practice

Everyone watched as it grew and the stitches were dropped. I gained confidence and once complete it became a Christmas present for my Nan and I embarked on another one with the recommended wool. Very different from double knitting and yarn you cannot get any more sadly.

Silk Aran weight Yarn
Silk Aran weight Yarn

I am not sure what this wool was called. But it was in the main pink with white and chocolate brown. It was lovely to work with and money being no object I would have bought more. Once complete I promptly went onto make another one this time in blue for a friend.

This was all many years ago. Knitting was still not really as big again as it is now. However as time passes and my Nan sadly passed away I was reminded of the original test version I made as she had it with her in the home. It came back to my mum and she has used it ever since.

I wondered whether I would be able to knit one again. Mum was keen on a ‘lighter’ one. There is a lot of knitting there and it becomes quite heavy. I found a selection of wool for her to choose from:

Variety Wool Selection

And started knitting the shawl pattern until the point where you drop the first set of stitches, so you could see how the wool and the pattern would work out together. It knitted to this point a lot quicker than I thought. Then it was up to my mum. I had a favourite, but it did not look right with the pattern but it was not my choice.

The choice was:

Crofter Wool
Knitted up, having yet to drop the stitches.

Close up with the stitches dropped:

Close Up
Close Up
Another Finished Clapotis
Yes it is that long!

It is lighter, my mum likes the colours and I had enough wool!

At the moment it is far too hot to knit, I have something on the needles but more of that another day.

2 thoughts on “Variety Knitting

  1. Like you I love variegated wool. I fear some knitting snobs look down on it, but they are wrong to sneer. I do think it’s cheating to use the kind that makes a Fair Isle effect but on the whole the colors and pattens in these wools are a delight. Your stole is lovely. I need to look up a pattern and have it ready for when I return to knitting in another month or so.

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