Henrietta Who? – Catherine Aird

You wake up every day and you know exactly who you are, who your parents and are and where you belong in the life you are making for yourself.

When one day you wake up and go about your day as if everything is the same. Until someone tells you that your mother has been killed in a road accident.

And in trying to establish how she died, it comes clear that she has never had a child. So who are you then? And where do you belong? Is your whole life been a lie? Is the man you took to be your father someone else?

I am making this little gem of a novel out to be a psychological thriller. Actually though it is not that at all, but simply a murder mystery novel set in a village in the Nineteen Fifties.

It may seem that this was no accident but something more deliberate?

Inspector Sloan is the investigating officer and this book takes us through the clues and the red herrings and the puzzles that help solve who killed Henrietta’s mother but also who actually Henrietta is.

I hope that keeps your attention, as it did me. I can see why some may find this a rather dry and some may say slow short story but that is all part of the process of an investigation.

A good old fashioned murder mystery for when the time requires.

This is a book my mum recommended. She recalls reading it many years ago and wanted to reread it. I think it was an eBay purchase to satisfy the memory of the book. It was passed to me as I was told it would make you think and was a nice  murder (no horrific scenes, blood and guts) short story. It does make me want to pick up some more Agatha Christie to read…..

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