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The Grantchester Mysteries

It is coming soon to a television near you. It is starring James Norton as Sidney Chambers. A relatively new actor to our screens but one who played a phenomenal role in Happy Valley (he was the baddie) and the delightful Robson Green who is playing Inspector Keating.

Of course all this started with a book and an author; James Runcie.

The first book Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death. The second book Sidney Chambers and The Perils of the Night.

The third of the six planned novels Sidney Chambers and The Problem of Evil was released this year.

What I like about these books is they contain 6 shorter stories which can be read quite easily on their own. However, the regular characters somehow link them all together and they can be seen as whole novels. The historical element always appeals to me and these cover from 1953 projected to 1978. Interestingly the first 25 years of  our current Queen’s reign. The world was (and still is) a changing place then as people came out of the Second World War, Sidney Chambers represents all that is good and shows what evils there can be in the world.

I have the third book ready to read and it is one of the rare times I have actually bought the hardback copies, because they look such pieces of art all together.

I look forward to the programme and hope that it does justice the book.