The Stolen Weekend – Fern Britton

If you have read Fern Britton’s second novel Hidden Treasures then you will be familiar with the characters Helen and Penny. Best friends who are now both living in a village in Cornwall. Helen who came to escape her husband whose philandering ways were being to become rather tedious. Penny brought a TV show to the village and stayed when she found love with the local Vicar.

And so we are back with them, for a short story. A vehicle no doubt to advertise the fact that Helen and Penny feature in the new full length novel A Seaside Affair. Despite my cynicism, this is perfect little story about the two women who missing London so much have escaped their for the weekend on some pretext.

Once back in the big city with the bright lights, they realise what they have back in their village in Cornwall. The peace and quiet, the welcoming village life and of course the men they have left behind.

What is great about these short stories is that you get to catch up with characters which you enjoyed reading about and find out what has been going on in their lives.

It will be great to find out more about them again in the new novel.

Trouble with getting a taster of some previous characters from a book is the fact that the new one is out but it is in hardback. Not that I am averse to reading hardback but it is not a book suited to such, these stories are great in paperback: they are beach or sunny afternoon reads. I will therefore wait for the paperback or if it suddenly becomes very reasonable on kindle. It makes me sound even more cynical….but I wonder whether it is because I have a few weeks ago read Hidden Treasures where the story starts. If I had not then maybe by appetite would not have been whetted.