Hidden Treasures – Fern Britton

Helen has had enough of her life and putting up with her philandering husband. She decides that it is time to start again and embark on a new adventure.

This adventure takes her to Cornwall and to a small but beautiful run down cottage which she renovates, moves in and embraces Cornish Life. She comes across, the local village gossip Queenie who runs the shop, the Landlord and Lady of the local hostelry, Don and Dorrie, the local vicar Simon, a rather rugged Cornish man Piran and Simple Tony. The village is a cast of characters and it seems with Helen’s initial introduction to village life she will fit right in, especially as she has caught the eye of more than one local.

It seems village life is going to get even more interesting when a TV producer, Penny and also Helen’s best friend thinks it is going to be the ideal place to film a new detective series based on a reclusive authors novels. Suddenly more characters are thrown into the village, this time more famous and well known.

The quiet life Helen was hoping for is dashed…..and then her husband keeps turning up and insisting that it is wrong for them to divorce. Helen does not know which way to turn.

This is Fern Britton’s second novel and it is an easy cosy read, however I was a bit wary of the how Helen was portrayed, I initially thought she was a lot older than she was, as if she was in her mid sixties. The inference that she had money, but without any quantification of where from or how, and whether it was her ex-husband who was the financial provider was glossed over. There was a hint of her own money, but it was a throwaway line that’s all.

Whilst I feel that Fern Britton’s novels are very similar to Carole Matthews, Jill Mansell, Katie Ffforde and whilst I do not think she is quite up there yet, she needs to cover a bit more of the background as these authors do, to make the story that bit stronger and believable.

I actually read this book, after having read her third novel The Holiday Home. It was apparent to me that, Fern was drawing on what she knew, the world of television and celebrity and this was again what she done in this her second novel. You draw on what you know, but it is reassuring to know that in her third novel, it is very far away from the media. From reading the blurb on her new novel A Seaside Affair we are back with some of the characters from Hidden Treasures.


One thought on “Hidden Treasures – Fern Britton

  1. It must be very annoying for would-be novelists, who get up in the early hours to fit in writing around their jobs, to see so many established media-folk landing publishing deals with such apparent ease. I can say that without any sour-grapes as I have never thought of becoming a novelist myself. In any case, for all I know Fern Britton may herself have had many early mornings or later nights getting some or all of her books written.

    The premise for this book reminded me a lot of Evelyn Hood’s Prior’s Ford books, published under the pen-name Eve Houston. I notice on Good Reads that you have read at least the first in that series. You gave it 4/5, whereas I went for 3/5. I still regard 3/5 as good, but I seem to be increasingly reluctant to rate many books any higher than that. I am not easily impressed these days.

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