A Pleasure and A Calling – Phil Hogan

Have you met Mr Hemming?

If you have sold or bought a house at any point in your average town then you are bound to have met him?

You don’t remember him I hear you say? That is quite possible because Mr Hemming does not really want you to remember him.

Mr Hemming knows you though. He knows everything about you. He might not be able to see into your heart or mind but he can see into your house.

Mr Hemming has the key to your house and yours and yours and yours……..he has the key to them all……..

This book is a very different type of thriller from perhaps what you may expect. It actually gives you the creeps from very early on and stays with you, long after you have put the book down. But you could be forgiven at times for actually liking Mr Hemming, because he seems to have chosen a path for righting wrongs and making sure that all justice is delivered. But everything is not as it seems as we learn more about Mr Hemming and the paths he has chosen to get to where he is today.

With any thriller, writing a review is a challenge as to discuss so much will inevitably give away key plot points and outcomes, revealing more than is needed. Which is why I have to stop about the plot of the book here. The reason for only mentioning Mr Hemming and not any of the additional characters, who are constructed well and you feel equally for them all is that they also have an ability to give away too much as they help Mr Hemming.

This book is not linear in plot or in timeline, it jumps backwards and forwards almost like the mind of Mr Hemming as he tries to convince you that his actions are justified, his place in the town is without question and that you can trust him implicitly. If you like structure then this might not be for you. If you like to be challenged then this book is one you will enjoy. Mr Hemming is drawn into something of a hero by the author, but I think it is ultimately the reader who makes the final decision about his actions and you cannot do that until the very end of the book and I mean the very end.

I have not read anything that matches this book and I think the author has captured a small idea and developed it into a rather good story.

Next time you put your key in the door….stop and think whether Mr Hemming may have already been in before……

Thank you to the publisher for sending this to me. Available on kindle and in hardback now. 

Books can stay with you for different reasons and they come and go in your mind at the most strangest of times. Whilst I was reading this one, I was looking in on my parents house as they were away. I can admittedly say that on the odd occasion I actually paused as I put my key in the door and wondered, just wondered……..creepy! 



One thought on “A Pleasure and A Calling – Phil Hogan

  1. Is Mr Heming an estate agent or a realtor as your US readers would call them? If so, could this be described as an “(e)state (agent) of the nation” novel?

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