April Roundup

I am here I promise, it may look like I am not especially as there has been hardly any jottings posts, but I am reading, it just seems to be taking a bit longer to write about the books, especially when I have been out socialising (what a bind) and obviously working (double bind). However I am here now with my roundup of April’s books.

Old and New in many ways for reading this month.

I started the month, finishing Santa Montefiore – The Summer House. An author I have read before and I was not quite enamoured with this book as I have been with her others. I still enjoyed it despite the fact I realised I had an actual copy of the book bought, and I had downloaded it onto my kindle. I need to somehow sort out what I have on my kindle to read, just in case I do this again……actually I did do it again with a Santa Montefiore book…. (Shakes head!)

I tend to jump around from reading actual books and books on my kindle, depending on my whims and fancies – but I was on my kindle to read Trisha Ashley – Finding Mr Rochester, her new short story with a taster of her next book, which is already out by the time you read this. I must get a copy but I know if I do I will want to read it straight away.

Wanting to read Katie Fforde – The Perfect Match was another book, especially as it is her latest and I was lucky enough to get a review copy (onto my kindle). I enjoyed this book, but not one of her strongest novels if you have never read any of hers before.

Continuing on the female author of women’s fiction theme, I picked up another Jill Mansell to read Rumour Has It*. An author I discovered last year and one where you can enjoy the books, they are not great works of literature but they give you that lovely feeling whilst reading, preferably on the sofa with tea and cake. Or in my case when finishing it, a box of chocolates. Let us not even mention the diet!

And then I come on to Rosie Goodwin – A Mother’s Shame which was a wonderful book. I was absolutely lost in the story which captured you from the beginning, a real saga of a novel. This author is another I have discovered thanks to the lovely publishers that send me books. I am so grateful for introducing them into my life.

Sticking with feisty females, I come to the second book of my book clubs choice for April which was L.M. Montgomery – Anne of Green Gables. An interesting choice by on the group, considering she likes some pretty horrific type of novels! Dear Anne was such a chatterbox and gave me a headache at times, but I did enjoy it, but actually wish I had read this book whilst I was a child. I am sure being an adult as spoiled it, as  you already have life experience and much of your imagination is taken up with the minutiae of life.

I suppose Anne of Green Gables in some way could be a piece of historical fiction I did read books which were not set in the present day. Carola Dunn – Rattle His Bones is a Daisy Dalrymple book and is set in the 1920s, although the topic was a bit dry for me, it was nice to catch up with Daisy and her penchant for being at the same place as the odd dead body or two!

More crime in the past from the wonderful James Runcie – Sidney Chambers and The Perils of the Night. Sidney Chambers is now heading out of the Nineteen Fifties and headed into the Sixties, and his religious life seems to be in stark contrast to the crimes he finds himself helping to solve. This is a book not full of dead bodies, but covers many criminal activities.

In the year which commemorates the 100 years since the outbreak of First World War and 70 years since D Day, I wanted to read as much as I could around these historical events. A bit of light hearted humour but with an undercurrent of seriousness with Monica Dickens – One Pair of Feet* which follows on from her forays into domestic service and took us into nursing with some rather interesting and amusing stories set to the backdrop of the Second World War.

Martin Davis – The Year After* was an author I have not read before and I picked the book up as a random choice in the bookshop. It is excellent and although not set during the war, it concentrates on the aftermath. Those that returned from the war to those who have lost someone who will never return.

Last mention for the latest Belinda Bauer book The Facts of Life and Death simply because it really does not fit neatly into any of the categories of books that I have read in April. It is crime, though not historical, it is a female author but certainly in the cast of women’s fiction. It is simply an excellent novel which is a step away from what she has written before and was a thrilling, dark read and one I do recommend.

So phew, that was April, eleven books I think! I have read some for my challenges, I am roughly on plan for 100 books and I have read some cracking good books. As the month finished I was reading a book which was another book that you cannot put into a neat genre category, but come back and find all about that if you can.

I probably don’t say this often enough, but if you do pop along and read my blog, thank you and I hope you enjoy what you read. I do read your comments.

Now let us get on with the May reading shall we?


One thought on “April Roundup

  1. Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging but you’ve been getting through the books, more than I have and I don’t have the excuse of work! Thanks, you’ve reminded me that I want to read more by James Runcie.

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