Rattle His Bones – Carola Dunn

Daisy is back in another adventure and you know that without a doubt she is going to stumble  on some bones and be launched into some sort of murder investigations.

Trouble is the bones are a lot older than she could ever imagine as they have come crashing down in the Natural History Museum whilst she is there with her nephew and her soon to be step daughter. But it is not the bones that are the problem but the curator who has crashed into them.

Immediately Daisy begins thinking – why would anyone want to kill an expert? –  what could possibly be the motive? And what on earth is her fiancé Inspector Alec Fletcher going to say, about being the first person on the scene?

Daisy promises she will not doing any of her own investigating, but she does need to return to the museum to carry on researching her article, so some exchanging of information is going to be inevitable.

The possible suspects are numerous, from experts in minerals to fossils and everything in between. Even a regular visitor to the museum to reclaim back a jewel is a possible suspect.

Of course as the book progresses you know that between Daisy and her  not interfering and Alec and his faithful Sergeant Tring alongside, the perpetrator is going to be caught, the fun is how we get there with them as readers.

I actually found this book boring, that is because of the topic of fossils and the like. It is not a subject I have ever been particularly enamoured with and this made reading some bits of the book quite boring. However, what kept me reading was the fact that all the regular characters feature and that maybe Alec might be a step closer to marrying Daisy and stop her stumbling on these bodies. Then again………

So that is book 8 read and also 1 marked off as one of my challenges for 2014. I wonder where Daisy will be next discovering dead bodies? 

One thought on “Rattle His Bones – Carola Dunn

  1. I’ve yet to read one of Dunn’s books but have a couple on the shelf. One of these day… I like the cover on this one though:)

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