The Perfect Match – Katie Fforde

Bella moved away from everything she knows, her family, friends and her job. But the key thing being in love with the man who she could not have as he belonged to another. She has settled herself in another place with her godmother and has found something a bit like contentment, a new man Nevil who also happens to be her boss in the estate agency where she works.

Bella has a way of matching the people she encounters with the correct property for them. She has been having trouble with Mr & Mrs Agnew who have very exacting standards of a mansion on the budget of a semi. Mrs Langley who is not really sure if she wants to sell her property but keeps Bella fuelled with tea and cake whilst she thinks it over. Bella is not your stereotypical estate agent which made me like her a bit more.

Nevil on the other hand immediately seems rather unctuous and is constantly criticising Bella about her looks, her weight and the fact that she perhaps needs to set her sights on living in a property far more superior than she currently is. You are instantly aware of Nevil and Katie Fforde has a way of making these characters really annoying and you know the main character is going to come to her senses soon enough and get rid of him, but sometimes it can take a really long time!

Everything seems to be going okay until Mrs Langley’s nephew, Dominic turns up. It seems he was the man who belonged to another. Can Bella see that perhaps her match is not perfect and the perfect property does not make a perfect marriage?

I liked Bella, however I was a bit disappointed in the fact that her and Dominic did not have a much more stronger link in the past, other than a kiss at Christmas. Because of that I felt their relationship was not quite as realistic as it could have been. This is an area that needed to be developed more, for me to make it all that more believable when Dominic and Bella meet up again.

What was very believable and could have been a book all of its own was the relationship that blossomed with Bella’s godmother, Alice and Michael, the younger man. This plot developed at a nice pace, and explored finding love when you think you have had your chance and the introduction of adult children into new relationships. It shows the pitfalls and the wonderful moments that can be created.

If you are a fan of Katie Fforde then you are going to enjoy the book, perhaps not as much as some of the others but enjoy it nonetheless you will.

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy of this for review – via Netgalley.

Katie Fforde books are a must for any reader, who just wants to escape and absorb some wonderful characters and some differing scenarios all with a nice happy ending. I know life is not like that, but no harm in wanting it to be is there?

I have more of the back catalogue to read, so please excuse me while I try and catch up! 



One thought on “The Perfect Match – Katie Fforde

  1. A great review. I keep picking up Fforde’s novels from the library but I seem to return them unread, are there any that you would recommend in particular?

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