Finding Mr Rochester – Trisha Ashley


This is a short story, exclusively for e-book which can keep you tantalised with the works of the author if you are waiting for her latest novel or want to perhaps try Trisha Ashley out for the first time.

In this book we are taken to the windswept Yorkshire Moors, where Eleri who is a writer herself and has a hankering to be absorbed into the land of the Brontes escapes to finish her book and hide from her disastrous love life.

Within days she has meant a dark swarthy character who infuriates and intrigues her in equal measure. Eleri cannot escape it seems even in the Yorkshire Moors.

With the wonderful descriptions and the tantalising food that Eleri discovers, this book could quite easily become a full blown novel from the author. Which is probably what makes it a lovely little read.

I am a fan of Trisha’s novels and am waiting with delight for her new one Every Woman for Herself to be released on 8 May 2014. This and The Winter’s Tale will be the only two that I have not read (I think?) although I may be wrong and there maybe some more lurking in the back catalogue. 

However, it matters not a jot. Trisha Ashley is an author I can rejoice in when her books are released as they are a joy and delight to read. 

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