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Knitting Memories


When you are first starting knitting, you normally knit simple things like squares and scarves. All easy knitting to get you used to the wool, the stitches etc.

But these squares are different, they are a joint project. Myself and a few friends decided that as we were unable to help a friend of ours, through her illness, we would make something which she could have with her, so she knew we were with her when we weren’t.

So started the blanket in September 2013. Knitting squares gave us something to do but also used up wool and helped practice the knitting. As the weeks went on, we gathered our squares.


Until we thought we had enough and my mum declared that we did and would bring them all together. We had lots of colours, lots of ways of putting them together and lots of different knitting styles. Everyone knits differently and that can make it difficult in joining these together – 4 different knitters and 4 different tension styles.


Time went on and mum changed a few squares, made some herself and started to put it together.

However, time ran out for our friend. She lost the battle and we were all bereft.

The blanket was not finished in time. It sat unfinished in a basket.

We were unsure what to do with it. Do we finish it? Do we give it away? Do we raise some money for the hospice in memory of our friend?

Christmas and New Year came and went.

Mum helped me with my blanket I had knitted. It spurred her on to finish these squares.


But still we were not sure what to do with it?

Why not keep it and use it as a comfort for us, for those who need it when perhaps life is not being great. To be passed around, kept in a special bag with a book for memories. That way our friend is with us.

20140302-193938.jpgI can’t think of a more fitting tribute.