Carrot Cake

I try and vary my posts on here a bit and I am sure some of you know that I do like cake and baking. (The bathroom scales know this too!) So I thought I would share a recent bake.

It was my mum’s birthday recently and I was at rather a loss as to what to get, she has most things, and if she wants it, she invariably goes and buys it. PLus coming fairly soon after Christmas makes it even harder. She did want two things, some green sieves/colander from Lakeland and a lighthouse (of the decoration variety not the out at sea ones). I decided that as it was a weekend I would make a birthday cake.

I went with carrots as my prefered cake choice, because both of us have a glut of them. Mainly because if you buy a bag they last forever if you live on your own or even with just the two of you. We invariably end up sharing what we have bought, carrots, onions, parsnips etc.

Next was to find a recipe, I had a look in the books that I have but some of them were a bit ambitious and I was slightly put off so I turned to the internet. I came across many, involving sultanas, nuts etc but I wanted a simple carrot cake. I eventually found one thanks to Good Housekeeping Magazine’s website.

So armed with the right ingredients – I only had to buy some oil and cream cheese. I embarked on some Saturday morning baking. This is the result:

Carrot Cake

  • My sugar was a bit solid and I should have broken it up a bit more before I whisked the oil and then the eggs as there was still a few hard lumps when it went in the oven.
  • I was a good girl and weighed out how much of the mixture went in both cake tins so it was even
  • And I even swapped them around in the oven halfway through cooking for an even bake (get me!)
  • The cream cheese frosting was a bit messy. I should have creamed the butter a bit more before I then added the cream cheese and icing sugar. When I spread it out for the middle I could see lumps of butter in it.
  • Because of the butter (above) the piping did not go according to plan, hence why it looks rather messy.
  • However I put some orange extract in the frosting to give it a bit of a zing!

However, mothers do not expect perfection from their children do they?

The cake was moist, the frosting and filling just enough and was enjoyed by everyone. Slight panic ensued when she decided to share it out amongst her friends as it is alright when you cook for mum and dad they accept your baking foibles – others might not!

It was a success though and if I had been quick enough I would have taken a picture of it sliced! I am going to make it again that is for sure, as I have the other half of the oil to use up in the cupboard and there will always be plenty of carrots!

I am also off to poke about at what recipes there are on the Good Housekeeping site and see if anything else inspires me.