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Basketweave Blanket

I need to take you back four years (yes it has taken that long!) to when I actually started this project. The idea having moved into my own place I wanted to a nice homemade blanket to adorn the back of a chair and that could be pulled over you when it was cold, damp and chilly and when you needed some comfort.

Shock horror after four years I have only gone and finished the thing!!


The pattern came from an Afghan book and was a basketweave pattern. 4 Knit, 4 Purl and then the opposite on the way back. It is a fairly easy pattern in a block of 14 rows and was ideal for when watching the television. I started by randomly buying the purple ball, and decided that as I was making strips rather than one big piece of knitting, I needed a contrasting colour – in stepped the cream!

Picture 071

And so I knitted…..and then got distracted by other crafts….went back and knitted some more…..2010 went into 2011…..and I knitted some more….finished a purple strip, a cream strip….got distracted by stitching….knitted some more….2012 arrived….and I knitted, stitched, felted, painted, decoupaged and we were in 2013…..and it sat on the sofa in the spare room….and I moved it off the sofa…back on the sofa…knitted some more and then 2014 arrived. I had only a few rows to go and …….I finished it. 6 strips in total.


Please excuse the slightly blurry photo. But this is the pile of knitting. Somehow this had to get to be a blanket. In steps my mum……


……with the crochet hook and she put it all together for me and also crocheted a nice scallop edge which I now realise I have failed to take a picture of.
imageAt last a finished blanket (a joint effort of course) but here it is on my settee. It is lovely and thick and warm, a really comfy blanket to get under and snuggle down whilst reading a book, watching the television and even doing more knitting….. I wonder if the next project will take me near on four years?

7 thoughts on “Basketweave Blanket

  1. Lovely! I’ve been working on a Purl Bee simple baby blanket since I was pregnant. The baby is one now! LOL. I must make knitting more of priority. With my luck I’ll finish just as the weather turns warm.

  2. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who takes so long over craft projects, but never mind we get there eventually and your blanket is lovely.

    1. Looking forward to seeing it when it’s finished. Knitting is quite therapeutic after a tough day at work.

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