Jottings #15 Rain Rain Go Away….

I am writing this after having just nipped out in a break in the weather to take my rubbish out. The rain is somewhat biblical and we have had a few hail stones too! But the weather we are getting in Portsmouth, is nowhere near as bad as others have been having the further west you go from here. I really felt for the lady on the BBC News last night who had lost her home to the water and was so visibly upset that she had lost her home, it made me realise how lucky I might be currently, and I have been grumpy this week because of work stuff when actually that is nothing compared to losing everything.

That is not to say Portsmouth has not been affected. The seafront is closed at Southsea as you can see the sea (sorry could not resist) is rather encroaching on the roads.

Southsea Seafront

In the distance you can see the Spinnaker Tower and to its left is the Cathedral. As you can see the beach has moved somewhat. The local council need to clear it all up, but cannot because of the ongoing weather and situation.

It is amazing what gets washed up, no treasure but I wonder where this tree started off?

photo 3The sea (or The Solent) to be exact is the water, and the land on the horizon is the Isle of Wight. You can also see one of Palmerston’s Follies in the distance too. Not sure which one it is, it could be No Man’s Land Fort, but I am not 100% certain.

I hope wherever you are in the UK and also the world that the weather is not causing you too much trouble and that you are all at least safe and warm.